Repona’s Quick Test Professional protects Tetra Pak’s master data

Repona and Tetra Pak have a long history of collaboration. With more than 200 man years’ experience of Tetra Pak’s global business, the two have managed to develop a unique partnership.

”It’s vitally important to build a partnershhip with someone who knows who we are, who is really in tune with us,” says Max Dahlquist, who has responsibility for central master data management at Tetra Pak.

”It’s a tool environment in which we at Tetra Pak have made a number of programming changes in order to guarantee the quality of our master data and to speed up processing,” says Repona’s Lars-Arne Lasson.

The most recent project Repona has been running with Tetra Pak is an implementation of Quick Test Professional from HP within the R&D business.

More details about Tetra Pak’s collaborative relationship with Repona can be found in our product sheet

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