News 2013

22 Nov 2013
Reponas Customer event briefing on November 21


Camilla Ländin

Reponas customer event on November 21st was very well attended by both current and prospective customers.

The meeting was located at Kulturens auditorium in Lund.
After much needed arrival refreshments, the seminar started.


First out on the lecture list was Lotta Möllebäck (Repona).

Working with validated systems

Lotta gave a very interesting session about working in a validated system. The requirements for validated systems originates from the pharmaceutical industry and government. These set very high expectation on documentation and guide lines for changes and testings. Most of these requirements can be applied in other industries as well to ensure system operation.


The next lecture was given by Jonas Egvärn (Repona)

HANA – what does SAP’s latest technology achievements?

A highly appreciated lecture on new technologies in databases. Here we were shown what the future demands of databases, these are growing larger and larger, combined with demands for much faster access. Here the HANA technology is superior to any previous databases and probably is a MUST in the future for many companies.

Eva-Maria Fahrer (ADSIG)

IT trends affecting the company in the coming year / years

Eva-Maria spoke about the latest trends in IT.The largest and most important trend is Innovation. How is it handled in IT departments with the reality of limited IT budgets and resources?
Tips and ideas were discussed.


Camilla Ländin (Prima Development)

To rule or not to rule? About suppression techniques and how you handle them.

Camilla gave a highly acclaimed lecture on suppression techniques. Camilla who will shortly be publishing a book on the subject, gave many thoughts and insights about our own and others’ behaviors. Many times we are unaware of these techniques and to recognize them was an eye-opener for us all.

Many thanks to all the speakers for well-conducted sessions.

The evening ended with finger food and a nice quiz.