News 2014

13 Nov 2014
Annual customer event at Repona

On Thursday, 6 November, Repona held its annual customer event. This time we took place in the sacred Magle concert hall to listen to news, interesting projects and trends in the SAP world.

Fiori presentationThe doors were opened at 15.30 and the room were quickly filled by 70 curious audiences. After a little snack the show could begin and the audiances could start listen to the day’s first lecture on Fiori. Johan Schött, Repona and Tobias Bengtsson, AAK presented the ideas behind Fiori, and why Fiori is a key success factor for companies wishing to be attractive in the future.


PunchoutThen Hans Lenander, Repona and John Rehn, AAK took place on stage and showed the “Punchout” solution. Despite its name, and the fact that John comes from Karlshamn, the lecture is not about “Carlshamns flaggpunch” but about the integration between SAP purchasing functions and commerce through web-shops in a very simple and appealing way.


WMD CarinaCarina Brink Rasmussen, WMD ended the more robust and product-related portion of the lectures by showing and telling how to – with the help of WMDs product xSuite – easily simplify and facilitate invoice processing in SAP. The customer event’s lecture now had a more strategic focus and Hans Montelius, Repona began with a reflection on SAP’s too undeserved reputation to be a limiting factor. Hans raised several practical examples where organizations instead of using SAP as the flexible tool that it is, stopped listening to the needs and forced users and internal organizations to use a preconfigured template that will not work.

troed troedsonTroed Troedson, Paradigm brokers gave the evening’s last lecture and entertained a spellbound audience on the subject Competitivenes. We got the answer to the question of who is Swedish companies and Swedish workforce key competitive advantages going forward. After the lectures took the festivities with good food, quiz and mingle place at Repona’s office. An “Oktoberfest” inspired buffet table was prepared for the guests and no one for sure needed to go from the party hungry. Although the quiz game had elements of food and drink, where both sausages and beer were analyzed and taste-buds capacity were tested to the limit. We would like to thank everyone who came and made the evening a very successful and informative evening.

Winner in tonight’s quiz

  1. Sven-Olof Silverudd
  2. Thomas Alster Back
  3. Gunnar Jonson

Winner if the guest card contest

  1. Nils-Olof Jönsson
  2. Christoffer Nordahl