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29 Aug 2017
Repona invests in Actimate


Actimate is expanding and investing!
– Speeding up the launch of eHealth!
Actimate designates every year the “Health Business of the year”, through a challenge focusing on physical activity. Now the company is getting investment from
Repona and Adsensus to speed up the launch of the digital service. Actimate has developed a digital concept to support its customers’ employees in pursuit
of better health, through increased physical activity. Already today there are more than 3,000 employees in over 40 companies active in the corporate challenge- Health Business of the Year.


Karolina Silfverberg, Co-founder Actimate: “More and more companies are seriously concerned with the health of employees and sedentary is the absolute greatest health risk, as well as the time we sit down on our jobs are increasing. We want to change that! ”

The companies Repona and Adsensus are now investing in Actimate. The investment is made to generate growth so that more companies and employees can get motivation for physical activity and betterhealth.

“With Repona and Adsensus help, Actimate will be able to grow at both high speed and good structure. The investment means we can offer the service to more companies . They will be able to get the inspiration and support they need to motivate their employees to a healthier and more active lifestyle, says Karolina Silfverberg. Co-founder.

Hans Montelius, CEO of Repona: “When we saw Actimate’s amazing product, we decided within a second to become a customer. It is a very natural step for us to invest in the
product. We see synergies regarding technical skills, sales and market. Actimate is an exciting addition to our SAP offer. ”

– Actimate, is a brilliant combination of a product that can really contribute to a positive  improvement of the society and has a fantastic commercial potential, says Rasmus Nervall, CEO of Adsensus, for the opportunity to invest in Actimate. That’s why it’s extra exciting for Adsensus to step in this project. Adsensus shall proceed as owner and
sales partner to Actimate which is part of a long-term strategy where we are looking for projects with high scalability. This collaboration is incredibly exciting and we go into it with full force and great optimism.

Research shows a clear link between physical activity and increased health. To train and finding joy in a fun and inspiring way not only has a great value , but also is good for the company’s well-being and society at large.  Everybody wants us to be healthy and contribute to a healthier society, but for many it can be hard to achieve. Combining the physical activity with everyday challenges Actimate works proactively to enable more people to find an active lifestyle, says Mikaela Persson, founder.

• Actimate is a 12 week activity challenge for any company, regardless of size. The goal is to create a positive change and healthier everyday life for employees. Read more at:

• Repona is a consulting company focused on services relating to SAP business system. Company combines business and system knowledge, in order to streamline the customer business. Read more at:

• Adsensus helps companies realize growth ambitions through solutions within complex sales. Read more at:

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