News 2017

6 Dec 2017
Repona's IoTshowcase at SAPSA Impulse 2017

Repona’s booth was very well attended at SAPSA Impulse. There, you could enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee served from a coffee machine directly connected to a cloud-based S4 HANA system. Ordering could be done from one’s phone using a seamless application that we built with the help of Neptune tools. To show how the Internet-of-things could be used, we linked sensors that could detect the levels of coffee, water and milk and were managed via a service app. Finally, they had the opportunity to have a discussion with Elna Heimdal Nilsson, world champion in Thai boxing and PhD in atmospheric chemistry who represented epitome of Repona’s essence. Repona has once again shown that we are on the front line.

Check the video here.

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