News 2018

20 Sep 2018
Elna's interview : Stay high lowest performance level


A good breadth, creativity will give a high level of performance. It makes you a reliable bet – a valuable partner and team member. The high league level is one of Elna’s biggest strengths, both in the role of researcher and as Thai boxer.

Since spring 2017 we have sponsored Repona Elna Heimdal Nilsson – researchers in combustion physics and thaiboxers at world-class level. Elna personalizes Repona Consultant’s “Super Features” and we think about the same issues around many concerns. Here she wisely tells about the value of having a good width and a high level of living.

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1 Jul 2018
Repona welcomes Fabien

Repona is pleased to welcome Fabien Berlingard to the Göteborg team.



Fabien is a senior SAP consultant with long experience development, management and support.

With an IT and science education in the background, he has worked in the energy, telecom, logistics and automotive industry with SAP modules such as SD / MM,  CRM and IS-U. Fabien comes from Capgemini. He lives in Gothenburg and spends his free time playing music, reading and exercising.
Again very warm welcome!

1 Jun 2018
Elna's Interview : Affirmation

A basic belief in yourself is important, because it may take a while before you get praise from others. Elna begins the day as a researcher and thaiboxer to write down what she will achieve today. What’s written often gets a little extra focus.

Since spring 2017 we have sponsored Repona Elna Heimdal Nilsson – researcher in combustion physics and thaiboxer at world-class level. Elna personalizes the Repona Consultant’s “Super Features” and we think about the same around many issues. Here she wisely explains the importance of affirmations.


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8 Apr 2018
Elna's Interview : Patience

Elna knows that one must understand that a negative result also gives knowledge that goes further. This is true in the research lab, in the Thai boxing ring and in business. Had it been easy, someone else had already done it.

Since spring 2017 we have sponsored Repona Elna Heimdal Nilsson – researchers in combustion physics and thaiboxers at world-class level. Elna personalizes the Repo Consultants’ “Super Features” and we think about the same issues around many issues. Here she wisely tells about the importance of patience and long-term care.

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14 Feb 2018
Perstorp and Repona launch SAP at Perstorp Oxo and Bio in Stenungsund, Nol and Fredrikstad


Together, Perstorp and Repona have delivered a successful installation project of SAP’s business system to Perstorp’s production plant in Stenungsund, Perstorp Oxo and Bio. The solution includes comprehensive business processes for:
• Finance and Economics
• Sales
• Shipping
• purchasers
• Lagerhantering
• Production
• Quality Management
• Interface to existing maintenance system

The project has been delivered on time and under budget. The solution affects 300 users and involves improved business processes in a number of areas.

“This project shows that SAP does not have to be difficult and complicated. In a well-planned project with dedicated users and knowledgeable internal and external consultants, it is possible to deliver high-quality SAP projects, “says Hans Montelius, CEO and business manager at Repona.

“I am pleased to be able to prove that SAP projects can be fun and successful, but also I am taking into consideration the individuals striving together as well as those undergoing change. By letting the soft factors get the same focus as the hard, we have taken the project to a new level together with Repona’s experienced, competent and pleasant consultants! “Comments Kim Lindborg, Global ERP Manager Perstorp. “A few days after Go-Live, it’s pretty nice to be able to focus on.”

About Perstorp: Perstorp is a world leader in specialty chemicals and has nine production facilities worldwide. Perstorp has 1,500 employees, trading SEK 11.3 billion, and is represented in 26 countries worldwide.
Contact: Kim Lindborg (can be communicated via Repona)

About Repona: We are a SAP consulting firm with 30 employees with offices in Lund and Gothenburg. Repona had revenue of SEK 60 million in 2017.
Contact: Hans Montelius, 0708-15 20 05 or

29 Jan 2018
Elna's Interview Part 4: The drive

“You can handle what you want to handle and what has to be done you just do.” says Elna and it’s one of the reasons why she is so successful, both in research and Thai boxing. Do you have momentum?

Since spring 2017, we sponsor the Repona Elna Heimdal Nilsson – researchers in the combustion physics and Thai boxer in the world elite. Elna personifies Repona Consultants “super features” and we think the same way on many issues. Here she explains determination and drive.

Check the video here.


20 Jan 2018
New Year, New Town. Repona expands its presence in Gothenburg!



Now Skåne is coming to the west coast. Repona continues it’s expansion and creates its presence in Göteborg, with its own office in the World Trade Center.

We welcome existing and new customers in western Sweden. You, who have already been working with our talented SAP consultants get another chance to get closer to us. You as a new customer are given the opportunity to get the most value from your SAP investment and make full use of all of your SAP system. It is our knowledgeable and senior consultants who will make a positive difference to your SAP engagements.

Our specialty is to develop our customer business operations with SAP as system support. We do this both locally and internationally and believe that success is a team sport.

Do you also want to work with SAP consultants who have super powers?

Contact: Lars Reinholdz, 0708-15 20 40 or


This is Repona:

  •  We are SAP consultants
  • We are in Lund and Gothenburg
  • We are just over 30 employees
  • In 2017 we sold SEK 60 million
  • Our overall SAP experience is more than 500 years
  • We have worked with customers in over 40 countries on five continents