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Glenn Karlsson

Senior Business Consultant: Developer

I’ve worked with SAP since 1997, and as a Developer at Repona since 2011. One of the reasons that I like my job so much and have been here for such a long time is that I have very different duties. In larger projects, I’m often off-site at the customer’s premises and there are clear structures and processes. When I work on smaller assignments, I have a lot of responsibility and I can take care of everything in completely different ways. I appreciate the fact that sometimes we have the role of taking care of an established system, and sometimes they’re under construction. It’s the differences that make sure you never get bored.

We have a great culture. We can always ask questions, and we help each other. We do things together every quarter, and we take turns planning these events. It could be a match of curling, practicing CPR at the Red Cross, or there’s always the annual Christmas party and our yearly conference trip. I believe that it’s really important that we make all of our decisions together, and that everyone’s involved.

There’s a lot going on within SAP, and the “old school” reputation is getting a remake. Our industry’s entering a time of change, and that’s exciting. If you’re interested in learning everything about S4 Hana and other new stuff, well, our goal is to lead the way. So we’re the place where you’ll see it all first.

I recommend working at Repona. We have long experience and wide knowledge of working with SAP. Our breadth comes from always challenging ourselves to try new things. And the desire to learn in order to better understand is a driving force here. So if you also want to grow, and work for the team, then this the place to be!

Glen’s super power: Analytical