Jyoti Singhania

Senior Business Consultant: Developer

The culture at Repona fits me very well. In many companies, especially in India where I come from, the only way to develop your career is to become a manager. I don’t like the idea of being forced into a single way forward. And that was actually one of the reasons that I decided to work at Repona almost ten years ago. I didn’t want to be a manager, I wanted to be a developer, learn more coding languages and understand the latest tech. I really appreciate the freedom.

At Repona, I’m allowed to decide myself how to become better, and in which subject matter. The most fantastic thing is that we receive the support to do that, even if it means that we’re not completely billable under certain periods. Repona thinks in the long-term.

We all work together, it’s that kind of culture. And since this is a flat organisational structure, and we’re not that many employees, we speak directly and openly with our CEO Hans. 

For me, the office in Lund is a “home away from home”. The atmosphere is relaxed and everyone is involved in almost everything – if we see something that needs to be done, we do it. Relatively recently I took a seven month long break from work to figure out what I wanted to do in the future. I actually decided to just continue working at Repona. I think that says a lot.

If you want to work with the latest technology and increase your qualifications you’ll get all the support you need. You can become an expert within at the area that interests you the most – even if Repona doesn’t offer that service now, leadership will want to hear your theory on why it should be a part of Repona offer. That’s extremely valuable, and quite unique. So take the initiative and build your own career!

Jyoti’s super powers: Motivation, she doesn’t look back, and always accepts new challenges in order to develop and keep learning something new.