Ulrika Nilsson

Senior Business Consultant,
Application consultant

Focus, teamwork, will power and motivation. I’m an applications consultant working closely with my client – a relationship that I’ve created from scratch. I like that! I’ve only been with Repona since the start of 2017, but I first heard about them around nine years ago. Before Repona, I was at Tetra Pak, and before that I was at IBM for many years. During that time I worked with consultants from Repona on several projects. So when I was ready for a new challenge, I called Hans Montelius to see if he had anything to offer. Obviously he did, and now I’m here.

Repona’s a small company and after many years in larger organisations, I’ve come to appreciate what this format has to offer. We can make decisions quickly, there’s practically no bureaucracy, and everyone knows each other. Something that I really appreciate is that I always have the support of my employer. We’re encouraged to take our own initiative when it comes to further education, and we all participate in deciding in which direction we want to grow. I haven’t experienced that in the same way at previous places of work.

Other benefits are the great atmosphere, and the fact that we always help each other. Even if I’m off-site at a customer’s premises, I know that the support I need is just an e-mail or phone call away. Instead of holding on to our knowledge, we share it with each other, so if you’re going to enjoy working here, you have to enjoy working along those lines. If so, apply now! Repona’s also an employer that invests time and money in being on the absolute edge when it comes to S4 Hana, so it’s a great benefit when all our customers will be “forced” to change. And that’s not far away at all.

Repona appreciates their employees and shows that in a lot of different ways. Our leadership’s the first to say it, but it’s also apparent when we celebrate successes together – with gatherings after work, or planned quarterly activities. Everyone gives that little extra so that the company does well, and we can celebrate that much more.

Ulrika’s super powers: Good at execution. Gets things done.