The world’s simplest


The best consultants make sure that they can dedicate their time, strength and energy to improving and streamlining their customers’ businesses. This realisation is the guiding star around which we at Repona have based our business.

As a result, we have the simplest organisational structure imaginable. In addition to our 25 highly skilled consultants, we have a CEO who manages and plans the business together with his secretary. We also have a chief consultant – a normal consultant who splits his time between managerial work in the office and assignments out in the field with customers.

These extremely short decision pathways provide great flexibility and efficiency, with a minimum amount of bureaucracy. It allows us to quickly adapt and start to work within the customer’s organisation. Our flat structure also makes it easy for individual consultants to ask for advice or get assistance from colleagues if necessary. In this way, customers always have access to Repona’s collective expertise.

Since we started Repona in 2006, it’s been our aim to create a corporate culture that encourages collaboration and creative discussions between employees.

You can find out more about Repona in our information sheet.