Highlights from Repona’s Customer Event

This 21rst Nov, It was day for Repona’s annual customer event . There were many customers, partners and Reponites in place. Presentations were held on the latest in S4 logistics, Repona’s competency app, as well as a on Neptune. From the customer side, Bergendahls Food gave an exciting lecture that was both candid and humorous. External speakers were Henrik Jönsson, well-known entrepreneur and youtuber. He talked about human development, “daring to step out into the unknown” and how digitization will change the world in the future. Then there was mingling event in Magle’s concert hall when Elna and Hans had a very entertaining and exciting Thai boxing exhibition match.

Back in the office, the mingling event continued as we took FinnInn’s fantastic fish soup.

Here are the presentations held during the event:

1. SAPSA S4 Logistics Day 2019 09 25

2. Reponas Kompetens App

3. Bergendahls Food Repona 191121


5. If you are interested in presentation on Neptune, please send an email to Hans.Montelius@eon.com